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March Madness and the "SWEET 16" (Zero Carbs for ours of course)

March Madness Scales Cocktails Sweet Sixteen

March Madness
It's that time of the year again, the March Madness Tournament has begun. Sixty Four teams were hungry for a chance at glory and have battled it out on the hardwood floor all month long.  Now, we are at the Sweet 16:  Expect buzzer beaters, “Cinderella Stories,” and heart wrenching defeat. When the dust settles, one team will ultimately be crowned National Champion. It is only fitting to relax and enjoy the big dance with your favorite mixed cocktail. Perhaps you enjoy a Margarita or Bloody Mary. Well, no other place has better mixers then Scales Cocktails. Scales produces top of the line cocktail mix without the calories from sugars and carbohydrates. You can drink your favorite beverage while watching the games without the guilt of consuming loads of sugars, sodium, and carbohydrates. Scales low sodium Bloody Mary Mix is sure to spice up your tournament experience. It includes Texas Pete Hot Sauce, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and just the right amount of all natural sea salt. With 70% less sodium than the leading brands and no MSG, it is truly a healthy alternative to other mixers. If your in the mood for a fiesta. Then grab a bottle of Scales ZERO carbohydrate and low calorie Margarita mix (5 per serving) and chill with it on the rocks or frozen. Scales is bursting with flavor without all the sugars of other mixers. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet lime flavor in Scales Margarita mix during the Sweet 16 games. Scales Cocktails knows that it is difficult to resist your favorite high calorie drinks during March Madness, so we offer a healthy alternative that is low on calories but not on taste. Scales is a great choice for anyone on a specific diet or for someone who is diabetic. Don’t forget to check and like their Facebook page while looking at all of the wonderful and delicious mixers they have available. This year during March Madness, don’t refrain from making a Bloody Mary or Margarita because of all the sugar and calories. Instead, enjoy your tournament experience and pick up a bottle of Scales low sodium Bloody Mary Mix or Scales Zero carbohydrate and low calorie Margarita mix. You won’t regret it.