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About Scales

Scales Cocktails is a line of 0 carb, 0 sugar and low sodium cocktail mixers. The products were created with folks in mind who for one reason or another are mindful of their diet! These include diabetics, folks who are gluten intolerant, have celiac disease, are on Weight Watchers, Atkins, sugar free, or carb free diets, people who sensitive to MSG as well has the consumers that wants to EAT THEIR CALORIES NOT DRINK THEM! The mixes have been enjoyed by Kathie Lee and Hoda on the TODAY show, voted "Best of the South" by Southern Living Magazine, touted Best Bloody Mary by SELF magazine, Best Sugar Free mixes by New York Times Best selling Author Colette Heimowitz in her Atkins Made Easy Diet Book.

Our biggest touts of all was said to us by the buyer of one of the largest grocery chains word wide... she said Scales Cocktails is now “driving the market” toward healthier ways to enjoy your favorite mixes.

Today, more folks are conscientious of their diet than ever before and those numbers are increasing everyday. Also, all grocery stores offer their customers baked chips, light mayonnaise, skim milk, light beer etc... and now Scales Cocktails are filling the niche for the mixer category!

You can find Scott and myself all across the East Coast participating in Food and Wine events, as well The Cooper River Bridge Run, MUSC Childrens Hospital, Monday After the Masters with Darius Rucker, Ashville Marathon, Worlds largest Oyster Festival @ Boone Hall Plantation, SC Football Hall of Fame just to name a few. Come see us and say hello at our next event, we would love to meet you!


While some would say that our journey began in 2009 with the creation of the first perfected batch of Scales Margarita mix, our real journey began much earlier with a longing to return to our roots in our beloved city of Charleston. Knowing it was where we wanted to retire someday, I didn't want Charleston to be just the place our grown children would come to visit their parents. So I had a maternal instinct and a romantic notion that our then two young children should also call Charleston their home.

It took six years of imploring my husband Scott to agree to a move from Charlotte, NC to the Holy City, and it’s a decision neither of us regrets to this day. As part of the agreement, I planned to find a job to help offset some of the cost of our new life style at the beach, and as Scott jokes, instead of a new job, I came to him with a bright idea and a business plan.

With a fresh coat of paint barely dry on the walls of our new home in Mt. Pleasant and the moving boxes still piled in the garage, I set out to bring my plan to life. What started as a small idea to fill the need for a smart cocktail mixer became a line of Charleston’s Original Cocktail Mixers full of flavor and void of all the sugar, carbohydrates, sodium, gluten and MSG of other mixers.

Now, how to create a brand as unique our product? Obviously, anyone who is weight conscious has an intimate relationship with “scales”. Likewise, we have an intimate relationship with Charleston’s coast. So, it was an easy decision to merge the two and create a double entendre. Scales, while referencing weight scales, is also representative of so many native species along the coastline. It was the perfect fit.

Since that first batch, we've gone from peddling cases to local restaurants and stores from the back of my suburban to having our product line available in over 6,000 grocery stores throughout the US.

Today, the Scales brand offers Margarita, Bloody Mary, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Sweet and Sour mixes without the guilt and calories of a regular mixed drink, allowing diabetics, cocktail lovers, and health conscious to “Scale back on the calories, not on the taste”.


We'll let the numbers do the talking: 

Compare: Based on average 4 oz serving                              Based on average 4 oz serving

The Average Margarita:   Scales Margarita Mix:
143 calories   5 calories
32 grams of sugar   0 grams of sugar
35 grams of carbohydrates   0 grams of carbohydrates
46 mg of sodium   15 mg of sodium

The Average Sweet & Sour:     Scales Sweet and Sour Mix:
113 calories   5 calories
25 grams of sugar   0 grams of sugar
28 grams of carbohydrates   0 grams of carbohydrates
41 mg of sodium   15 mg of sodium
The Average Strawberry Daq:                                      Scales Strawberry Daq Mix:
183 calories   0 calories
44 grams of sugar   0 grams of sugar
46 grams of carbohydrates   0 grams of carbohydrates
33 mg of sodium   15 mg of sodium

The Average Bloody Mary :      Scales Bloody Mary Mix:  3 oz serving
35 calories    25 calories
4.8 grams of sugar    3 grams of sugar
7.5 grams of carbohydrates    5 grams of carbohydrates
730 mg of sodium    200 mg of sodium


While some sugar free mixers have a laxative effect or leave you with an after taste, our mixes are sweetened with sucralose. It tastes like sugar because it is made from sugar.

Don't let the no carb, no sugar low sodium fool you. What we compromised in creating healthier products we made up for in taste. They're especially great for easy entertaining! 




*Remember to add approximately 96 calories per serving when mixing with alcohol and be sure to use quality alcohol. Cheaper brands may contain sugar!