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We are thrilled to announce that "The New Atkins Made Easy" book, published by Simon and Schuster, recommends Scales Cocktail Mixers. Check out Page 121! 
0 Carbs 0 Sugar Low Sodium. 

“Scale back on the calories, Not on the Taste”.


Scales Testimonials 

"Scales cocktail mixers rock! If you listen to “Dr. J & TheFatGuy”, you know I’m the one who always preaches moderation – and Scales cocktail mixers let me indulge in my favorite drinks without the added calories, preservatives and sodium typically found in other mixers. I love skinny margaritas but they often taste like they are missing something (I guess they are!), but when I mix a Scales margarita, I can’t tell the difference – it has all the flavor and sweet/sour flavor of a regular drink but without the calories and sugar!" -Susan L. Johnson, Ph.D.

“As a busy mom of two and an OBGYN I don't always have time to fit exercise into my schedule. On the weeks I don't get to the gym as often as I'd like, I try to cut calories any way I can. Scales has been my guilt-free solution to staying healthy when I socialize. I have even recommended it to friends and patients!” -Dr. Katherine S. White

“The margarita mix is fantastic. Some margaritas are so rich and sugary you can't finish one.  Scales Margarita mix, with no sugar, makes for a surprising tart and refreshing flavor. I don't know who would choose a sugary mix for their margarita after trying Scales. -Henry Savage

 “My wife is a diabetic and we’ve been drinking this stuff for years and love it.” - Scott Sain, Guitarist in Plane Jane

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